McCabe World Travel

Ashleigh Matthews
Sophie Hills
Scott Jowsey
Sam Scrimgeour
Lydia Smit
Elliot Maher 
Jonathan Cook
Rheed MacPherson
McCabe World Travel, a well-known travel agency, approached N4.Studio to revamp their visual identity. They are known for their personalised approach, small size, exclusive connections, and unique travel experiences. We began our journey by exploring four distinct territories within McCabe's vision and used these foundations to carefully craft captivating print materials such as posters, postcard-inspired business cards, and dynamic digital assets that define McCabe's online presence today.

The highlight of this transformation was the creation of brand guidelines that reflect McCabe's industry leadership and distinctive voice. McCabe World Travel's identity harmoniously blends its personal touch with industry excellence, showcasing its adaptability and unique essence.

Our design approach goes beyond aesthetics. We use graphic elements to elegantly frame images and messages, ensuring that McCabe's story stands out amidst the noise.

McCabe World Travel embodies personalisation, boutique elegance, and limitless creativity - all underpinned by the enduring relationships they have forged. This design transformation redefines the essence of travel.

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