Trade Me | FY21 Product videos

Ashleigh Matthews
Classifieds Marketing team
During my time at Trade Me, I was involved in creating a series of captivating videos as part of the broader advertising campaigns for Trade Me Motors and Property. These campaigns formed a crucial part of our business unit's always-on display strategy, ensuring our products were continuously visible to our audience.

My task was to produce compelling videos that showcased our various products to different customer segments, all while remaining faithful to Trade Me's Motors and Property brand guidelines and imagery. Despite being limited to only copy lines, I was able to successfully leverage my creativity and meet a tight deadline.

Furthermore, these videos provided an exciting opportunity to explore Trade Me's potential animated/motion style guide, as no such guide existed at the time. The result was a varied selection of products and copy lines from both Motors and Property campaigns that effectively captured our brand and resonated with our audience. Below are three of the ten videos.
Trade Me Motors – Background check product promotion

Trade Me Property – Strong sellers market promotion
Trade Me Motors – Buying or selling a car?


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